Special Event Pricing is for 15+ guests. If you have less than 15 Guests we recommend ordering a Celebration Board and requesting add-ons.

Pricing starts at $13 per person + custom board ($100 flat fee) and add-ons.

Served on custom cut board for you to keep.  Includes cheese, charcuterie, fresh produce, garnish and all the accoutrements.

Please give us a detailed timeline of your event so we can help you decided on the best setup timeframe.
We are happy to accommodate your allergy requests and will use fresh gloves, knives, board and workspace. We do want to be want to be clear that our facility is not able to guarantee that cross contamination will not occur. If you have a severe allergy we recommend that you do not consume.
Yes! You can mix + match just be sure to list which cheese you'd like below!
+ $0.75 per person
We highly recommend upgrading to greenery! If you are providing up with florals, please have them at our table for when we arrive to setup.